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Photo credit: The Russian museum has been included in the list of applicants for the title of the European Museum of the Year, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. The Kulikovo Field Museum Reserve has been nominated for the prestigious award. The prize is... .
Photo: The festival of Russian culture starts on Friday, December 6, in the Mexican capital, according to the website of the Moscow House of compatriot. The organizer is the Association of Russian Compatriots in Mexico SORUMEX. The festival program... .
Photo credit: shot from Alexey Uchitel’s Coronation mini-series / The week of Russian cinema opens on Friday, December 6, in New York, TASS reports. Its program includes nearly two dozen films. According to Maria Shklover, who acts as one of the founders... .
Photo credit: The route of the international About Russia in Russian educational expedition will run from December 6 to 12 across the territory of Latvia and Estonia, Baltia reports. The event is organized by ALFA-DIALOGUE center from St. Petersburg with the... .
Photo credit: The official closing ceremony of the Year of the periodic table was held in Tokyo, TASS reported. The events dedicated to this occasion were attended by Russian scientists. Guests from Russia gave lectures to students and schoolchildren, visited the... .
Photo credit: Events in memory of Soviet soldiers, who died during the Second World War, took place in several cities of Germany. A funeral rally, a religious service and a special test in courage for young people was organized in Cologne. A memorial action was... .